Jean Jullien Jean Jullien's online portfolio POOR TRAITS Jean Jullien poortraitsweb.jpg I have my first solo show in the U.S on march 27 at HVW8 gallery in Los Angeles. Come! 2015-03-11 APPLE WATCH Jean Jullien iwatch.jpg Apple announces revolution. 2015-03-10 It's Friday! Jean Jullien fridays.jpg 2015-03-06 Wythe Hotel Jean Jullien wythe.jpg 2015-03-02 MR SPOCK Jean Jullien mrspock.jpg LLAP 2015-03-02 dogs Jean Jullien dogs.jpg 2015-03-02 apple Jean Jullien apple.jpg everybody has an apple these days... 2015-03-02 the dress Jean Jullien thedress.jpg can't we just all agree that this is a bad dress? 2015-03-02 Wythe Hotel Jean Jullien 10958196-10155189025790693-260398317501390699-n.jpg I'm doing a residency at the amazing Wythe hotel, drawing on their windows. 2015-02-18 US Jean Jullien a1-bathroom.jpg I've added the entire series of modern life observation presented at Kemistry gallery for my show "US". 2015-02-02