Jean Jullien Jean Jullien's online portfolio FREEDOM Jean Jullien freedomweb.jpg soon... 2014-07-24 BURN Jean Jullien sunburn.jpg which one are you? 2014-07-17 LGC x It's Nice That Jean Jullien photo-1web.jpg I teamed up with the amazing folks at It's Nice that to create this billboard for London Graphic Centre. [] [] 2014-06-18 Baptiste Jean Jullien photowe-.jpg "the photographer": new screenprint, edition of 10. 2014-06-18 SPAM Jean Jullien bath.jpg Bathing in Spam, for the New Yorker 2014-06-17 JAGUARS Jean Jullien jaguarweb.jpg Save the jaguars! with the WWF and Sky Rainforest rescue. More information here: [] 2014-06-17 FIFA Jean Jullien paper.jpg "Throw FIFA out", for the New York Times. Thanks Alex Hunting! 2014-06-09 CLOCK FACE Jean Jullien clock.gif my first app is finally available on the apple store! download "Jean Jullien's Clock Face" here: Jean Jullien's Clock Face - jean jullien 2014-06-06 New Review Jean Jullien new-reviewweb.jpg The luxury monster that's destroying London! 2014-06-02 PORTRAIT Jean Jullien portrait.jpg for Pictoplasma's Portrait exhibition. Thanks to Lars, Peter, Danielle and Laure. 2014-05-30