Jean Jullien Jean Jullien's online portfolio GET HUMAN FRIENDLY Jean Jullien stickers.jpg I created this icon for Mustafa Ulker's great project Get Human Friendly, that aims at bringing people together for the good cause. Learn more here: [] 2016-02-08 in every bedroom Jean Jullien screen-shot-2016-02-03-at-11.22.04.png 2016-02-03 Lonely hearts club Jean Jullien 2.jpg Photographed by Jonathan Minster for N by norwegian, art direction by Johanna Lundberg. 2016-02-02 people as a pattern Jean Jullien 12592772-10156425292050693-5517766738230625081-n.jpg 2016-01-27 mornings Jean Jullien work.png 2016-01-26 LOVERS Jean Jullien jeanjullien-pulpulp-1-of-1-.jpg I've done a Lovers Print, available at [], only until 1/27 11:59pm 2016-01-21 FRIDAY Jean Jullien friday.png 2016-01-15 the Hateful 8 Jean Jullien hateful8.jpg did you see it? 2016-01-15 DAVID BOWIE Jean Jullien screen-shot-2016-01-15-at-11.30.13.png 2016-01-11 HAPPY NEW YEAR! Jean Jullien hny.jpg 2016-01-01