Jean Jullien Jean Jullien's online portfolio Edifice Jean Jullien series.jpg Introducing Mr Pierre, my french mascot for japanese clothing label Édifice. [] 2014-04-14 RALF Jean Jullien ralf.jpg coming soon! 2014-04-13 SANG BIÈRE Jean Jullien sang-biere.jpg beer label for the 100/100 project: [] 2014-04-13 DJ-ing in Paris Jean Jullien paris-paris.png this thursday, 10th of april, I'll be DJing at the Paris Paris club for the first Foudoufafa party ([]). Carte Blanche to The Coward ([]), with a live by the great Maethelvin ([]), and a mix by Blow Out ([]). more info here: [] 2014-04-08 GAME OF THRONES Jean Jullien got.png are you ready? 2014-04-07 WHALE Jean Jullien whalingweb.jpg Japan to stop whaling in Antartica: happy april fool's day? 2014-04-01 BYRON SHOREDITCH Jean Jullien byron1.jpg I did this hoarding for Byron's new restaurant in Shoreditch, London. thanks to Charlie Smith design ( & Respect to Sir Mix-A-Lot. 2014-03-24 MAGIC WEIRDOS Jean Jullien mysteryloo.jpg print for the "Magic Weirdos, Gold Blood" show at Beachwood gallery in Melbourne. Thanks to the amazing Sean Morris! 2014-03-24 GROW Jean Jullien wrap.png 2014-03-12 tattoo Jean Jullien 1016488-10153902807815693-2074953855-n.jpg smoking dog tattoo for my friend Thibaud! check out his amazing work: [] 2014-03-12