Jean Jullien Jean Jullien's online portfolio TFL Jean Jullien wallets.jpg I designed an oyster card wallet for Transport for London, celebrating 150 years of its famous red bus. 2014-09-16 Édifice Jean Jullien paris2bis.jpg My series for japanese fashion label is out now! 2014-09-15 NEW YORK Jean Jullien image-1.jpg I am moving to New York for a few months! 2014-09-12 OPENING CEREMONY Jean Jullien logo3000.jpg Series of Fashion Week survival cards for Opening Ceremony New York. 2014-09-02 MODERN LIVING Jean Jullien sofaweb.jpg 2014-09-01 FERGUSON Jean Jullien ferguson-legacy.jpg 2014-08-29 L'amour Fou! Jean Jullien logo3web.jpg Logo and identity for L'amour fou, a new club night at the Badaboum. [] 2014-08-27 BACK HOME Jean Jullien back-home.jpg 2014-08-26 FINANCIAL TIME Jean Jullien financial-times-coverfinalbisweb.jpg cover for the Financial time "Food Writing Special" 2014-08-26 TIME Jean Jullien time.jpg Holiday time is running out. 2014-08-26