Jean Jullien Jean Jullien's online portfolio THE PEOPLE Jean Jullien img-0811.jpg I have a big show in Bangkok, Thailand, at Groove! thank you to Artakorn Intakorn from CG+ for making it Happen. Thank you to Central World for having me, thank you to Mathieu from Case Studyo and thank you to all the lovely people of Bangkok who came to the opening! more photos soon. 2017-05-23 BEAMS Jean Jullien 11083470349-d-9.jpg I made a veggie tshirt for Beams! get it here: [] 2017-05-16 NOUNOU Jean Jullien screen-shot-2017-05-10-at-20.16.28.png following the FACE series capsule collection with Stereo Vinyls, here comes the FACE toy, launching at Art Toy Seoul 2017 and available soon. 2017-05-10 HVW8 BERLIN Jean Jullien screen-shot-2017-05-10-at-20.13.17.png i'm presenting 8 emotional steel sculptures (made with Dift and Bram from Werkplaats grof) at HVW8 gallery along Brian Lotti's brilliant paintings. Thanks to everyone from the HVW8 family! contact for purchase 2017-05-10 SZ MAGAZIN Jean Jullien a.jpg I decorated the fantastic Dibbern porcelains for this week's issue of SZ Magazin. Thanks Birthe Steinbeck! 2017-04-30 MAJESTIC Jean Jullien bottom.jpg I've illustrated a series of wine labels with no name for Majestic Wines. 2017-04-22 THE JAUNT Jean Jullien chairs-copy.png I have made two prints from my trip to Marfa, Texas! You can order them here: 2017-04-21 SZ MAGAZIN Jean Jullien img-3736.jpg 2017-04-12 UNDERDOGS Jean Jullien hatopress-under-dogs-pre-order-cover-2square.jpg my new book with Hato Press is out now! get it here: [] 2017-03-16 Childhood Jean Jullien nutshell.jpg My childhood, in a nutshell. 2017-03-15