Jean Jullien Jean Jullien's online portfolio GYM Jean Jullien 11178187-10155943082250693-7991648836789959024-n.jpg I went to the gym this morning... 2015-08-27 STRIPES Jean Jullien stripes.jpg Seaside stripes season is upon us. 2015-08-06 CHAIRMAN Jean Jullien chair.jpg I did a Chairman, sculpted by Abois. 2015-07-23 SUMMER Jean Jullien beach.jpg It's beach season! 2015-07-22 MAGENTA Jean Jullien a.jpg Very proud to have done my first skateboard with the great people of [] 2015-07-22 AFFICHE Jean Jullien a.jpg I have my posters all over the city of Cremona, in Italy. The show is called AFFICHE. thank you Tapirulan! 2015-07-22 PETIT APPÉTIT Jean Jullien petit-appetitweb.jpg 2015-05-29 TRICKS Jean Jullien image1.jpg 2015-05-26 ICU Jean Jullien Happy to share with you the video documenting my installation at Industrial Color in NYC! 'In Case of Ubiquity' by Jean Jullien from Industrial Color on Vimeo. 2015-05-22 Olow Jean Jullien plageweb.jpg I'm really please to reveal the collaboration I did with my friends at Olow. Santiago Arbelaez did this great short film to present it: you can order it on [] and [] 2015-05-11