Jean Jullien Jean Jullien's online portfolio CASE STUDYO Jean Jullien 13254248-10156907953190693-547355276807387490-n.jpg I made a lamp with the awesome Case Studyo , coming out in june! 💡 2016-05-25 ALMOST Jean Jullien square-jj-mullen.png so proud to present my new series for Almost Skateboards. Thanks to Eric Wollam! [] 2016-05-16 May the 4th be with you Jean Jullien img-1585.jpg 2016-05-04 SUNDAYS... Jean Jullien 13087390-10156817986220693-6528469530244839393-n.jpg 2016-05-01 TRASHER Jean Jullien fullsizerender-2.jpg preview of my series with Almost Skateboards in Trasher magazine! 2016-05-01 NAP Jean Jullien 13124667-10156807505075693-6488780020260334074-n.jpg 2016-05-01 Running with Scissors Jean Jullien 13076784-10156804068390693-3225618571299869759-n.jpg 2016-05-01 Ink spotted tissue dalmatian Jean Jullien 13062310-10156790132385693-959590362484209229-n.jpg 2016-04-25 Hoxton Hotel Jean Jullien 13015107-10156779357940693-8703868104267916349-n.jpg 2016-04-25 when the wind blows... Jean Jullien a-copy.jpg 2016-04-22