Jean Jullien Jean Jullien's online portfolio BUILDING A LADDER Jean Jullien bal.png I've done a poster for Ellington Hammond's beautiful film about my friend Erick's band The Flatbush Zombies. see it here: [] 2018-04-02 LINEAGE Jean Jullien lineage.jpg I have a show opening in Seoul on may 3rd at Studio Concrete. The new Nounou collection will drop at the same time as well as a series of rugs and I will appear at ATC for the release of a limited edition figure. see you there! 2018-04-02 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Jean Jullien a.jpg I went on a road trip to Big Sur for National Geographic. Read the report here: [] 2018-03-27 Animal bowls Jean Jullien jj-ab-img-07.png I'm excited to present the latest series in my ongoing collaboration with the great people at Case Studyo. The edition consists of 4 hand shaped coloured porcelain bowls, available here: [] 2018-03-09 LE WEEKEND Jean Jullien poster.jpg My brother Nico and I have a new show opening on thursday at Galerie Slika in Lyon. Here is the trailer and the poster! 2018-02-26 BILL THE BOOKEND Jean Jullien screen-shot-2018-01-26-at-13.51.29.png I'm excited to present Bill the Bookend, A sculptural bookend Edited by Case Studyo and produced in partnership with CG+ available here:[] 2018-01-26 blow fish Jean Jullien A post shared by Jean Jullien (@jean_jullien) on Jan 17, 2018 at 5:49am PST 2018-01-17 DER SPIEGEL Jean Jullien diezeitweb.jpg I've done the cover for Der Spiegel new year issue about resolutions. 2018-01-08 happy 2018! Jean Jullien new-year.png 2018-01-03 NOUNOU FW2017 Jean Jullien screen-shot-2017-12-11-at-11.51.51.png new nounou collection out now on [] 2017-12-11